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[Minor Reject] 100% Cotton Handkerchief 28 x 28 cm Floral Design for Women / Unisex Random Design

RM 2.50

Introducing our 28 x 28 cm Handkerchief with minor defects, a budget-friendly option that does not affect its functionality or overall appeal. These flaws include skipped stitches, loose threads, slight irregular edges, or occasional stains. 

After the first wash, some color bleeding may occur, but subsequent washes will resolve this. Wrinkles are normal after washing due to the cotton material. To restore smoothness, wash with a small amount of body wash or hand soap, then iron after drying. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as the thin fabric dries quickly.

Enjoy the functionality and affordability of our Handkerchief. It is ideal for everyday use or as a backup option. Despite minor flaws, it remains a practical and cost-effective choice.


Material: Cotton (thin texture)

Size: 28 x 28 cm

Colour variations may occur due to different computer screens, although the provided images are a close representation.